19 June 2024
13 June 2024
  • Sale update: The previous buyer was unable to produce funds. will be relisted for sale shortly.
10 June 2024
5 June 2021
  • Added settings to adjust the player speed, bullet speed and block density on custom servers
  • Made some optimizations to the client render loop
  • Fixed custom server crashing bug
  • Fixed bug where newly created custom servers are sometimes unjoinable
  • Fixed issue where public custom servers sometimes wouldn't show up in the selector
  • Buffed Assault and LMG
  • Nerfed SMG slightly
23 February 2021
  • You can now change your password on the account page on
  • Fixed double kills occurring inside overlapping gas clouds
  • Fixed gas grenades causing negative score against blocks
  • Fixed clan join date being reset when changing admins
  • Clan history now displays even when you're not in a clan
  • Made the adblock notification less intrusive for non VIP players
  • Fixed VIP stats not being tracked while running adblock
  • Fixed the typing indicator not showing up for some players
  • Reduced occurrence of 'Already Logged In' when switching servers
  • Removed ability to select upgrades while invincible
  • Small changes to formatting on
18 January 2021 Premium members now have the following custom server options:
15 January 2021
  • Improved custom server stability
  • Fixing random disconnect
14 January 2021
  • Premium players can now host custom servers
  • Added selector for public, custom and private custom servers
  • Added Frankfurt and Dallas servers to support custom
20 September 2020
  • Nerfed default LMG damage
  • Made the land mines more visible
  • Buffed speed and quantity of frag shrapnel
  • Lowered the bullet damage drop when accuracy and no recoil are used together
  • Increased the land mine limit
  • Buffed the SMG's rate of fire
29 August 2020
  • Stats server migrated
  • Update ads for GDPR compliance
24 August 2020
  • Improve performance of stat and login servers
  • Fix game high scores wrap
14 August 2020
  • Reduce in game server lag
19 May 2020
  • Reduced Landmines limit to 2, visibility is still the same
  • Fixed Landmine hud counter
  • Friendly Landmines now appear green with Thermal perk
  • The Landmine thermal outline now matches the Landmines' outline
  • Friendly silenced bullets now appear green with Thermal perk
  • Friendly camo players now appear green with Thermal perk
  • Thermal perk now reveals the usernames of friendly camo players
  • You can now close the chatbox with the Escape Key
  • Messages are now saved when the chatbox is closed with the Escape Key
16 May 2020
  • Fixed premium blocks appearing randomly
  • Decreased visibility of Landmines
  • You can now place up to 5 Landmines instead of 3
  • Nerfed Assault damage by 10%
  • Buffed LMG damage by 19%
  • Nerfed Speed Perk. It now gives a 20% boost, was previously 25%
  • Lowered the Shield cooldown timer by 33%
  • Fixed the Perk 2 recharge timer sometimes not appearing
  • Lowered the Build perk's recharge timer by 25%
  • Buffed bullet range and damage by 10% while stationary with No Recoil perk
  • Removed duplicate Kills with Landmine bug on clan comparison page
  • Fixed LMG accuracy bug on clan comparison page
  • Fixed CSS color bug on stats nav
3 May 2020
  • Added exclusive gold block skins for premium members
  • Buffed Assault damage by 25%
  • Decreased Gas Grenade's recharge time from 14.4s to 8s
  • Decreased Shield's recharge time from 2s to 1.2s
  • Bullet damage is increased by 10% while stationary with No Recoil perk
26 April 2020
  • Updated player outline and username colors for premium members
  • Added a chat message color scheme exclusive to premium members
  • Buffed LMG range by 6.7%, damage by 5%
  • Buffed LMG bullet speed by 14.3%
  • Buffed Assault range by 6.3%
  • Buffed Grenade's blast radius by 14.3% and damage by 25%
  • Buffed Gas Grenade's throw speed by 38.9%
  • Removed Gas Grenade's delay before emission
  • Buffed Gas Grenade's emission speed by 60%
  • Buffed movement speed with Shield by 50%
  • Buffed Accuracy perk by 80%
  • No Recoil perk now applies while stationary AND while moving
  • Bullet range is increased by 10% while stationary with No Recoil perk
  • Fixed message text not aligning with the message background
21 April 2020
  • Premium membership is now available for $2.50 USD/Month
  • Premium members have access to:
    • Full stats tracking with Adblock enabled
    • Ability to enable or disable stats tracking in account settings
    • Exclusive VIP badges in game and on stats site
    • Advanced daily stats progress graph on stats page
    • Membership is auto-renewed monthly and you can cancel anytime
    • You can activate premium membership here
  • Upgraded the stats server
  • Reduced frequency of 'Your Account is already logged in' bug
  • Added My Stats and Account links to the stats site dropdown menu
  • Fixed negative score bug
Membership FAQs

Q: Do I have to buy premium to keep playing Gats?

A: No, Premium will always be optional. All free features will remain free forever.

Q: Will Gats eventually become pay-to-win?

A: No, absolutely not. No pay-to-win mechanics will ever be added to Gats.

8 March 2020
  • Added Top Clans page and a detailed Clan Comparison page
  • Increased number of stats per stats page from 20 to 25
  • Added nav buttons to switch between stats pages
4 March 2020
  • Fixed bug where players would sometimes have the wrong color
  • Fixed the clan turnover calculation
  • Added members left and members kicked fields to clan stats page
  • Added stats page links to the clan Key Members & Recent Activity
  • More detailed clan stats pages coming soon
2 March 2020 - Clan System
  • Added a clans system to TDM and DOM game modes
  • Clan stats are not tracked in FFA game modes
  • Anyone can create their own clans or join existing clans
  • Players can only be part of one clan at a time
  • There is no limit to number of members a clan can have
  • Every clan must have a leader, by default the clan founder is the leader
  • The clan leadership role can be passed by the leader to another clan member
  • Clan leaders can promote clan members to admins
  • Clan admins can kick members and approve/reject clan join requests
  • The clan leader can set the clan privacy to open or closed
  • Members have to be approved by clan leaders or admins before joining closed clans
  • The servers will attempt to place clan members on the same team
  • Clan tags now appear as a username prefix in TDM and DOM games
  • Clans can be managed through a separate login on the site
  • If you've just joined a clan, you'll have to log out and back into the server before the clan tag is visible
  • Blocks placed by players in clans will now last for 2 hours instead of just 1
  • Increased the max allowed blocks from 1,000 to 2,000 per server
12 June 2019
  • Buffed gas grenade damage by 300%
  • Prevented newly spawned players from detonating land mines
  • Number of landmines you have remaining is now displayed on the HUD
  • Changed the appearance of the lobby leader
  • Players are now removed from the leaderboard immediately upon death
8 June 2019
  • Add new Dallas servers for the summer
  • Atlanta and Los Angeles will return in early September
  • Enforced HTTPS across and Post any access issues on the Discord

Some more updates are coming in the next week or two. Expect some changes to gas grenades and mines as well as a unique skin for lobby leaders.

28 March 2019
  • Player stats pages now show if player is a certified OG.
26 November 2018
  • Added HTTPS Support, report any access issues on the Discord.
17 September 2018
  • Fixed the unlimited dash perk exploit.
  • Server stability improvements.
31 August 2018
  • Set up an alternate url at, the original url will remain unchanged. This change is intended help players avoid school firewalls that block all .io urls.
  • Re-Added Los Angeles and Atlanta DOM, TDM and FFA servers.
  • Implemented some behind the scenes networking changes that will allow the game to be switched over to https soon.
  • The Dallas servers will be removed in a couple of days.
26 June 2018
  • Added Dallas DOM, TDM and FFA servers.
  • Temporarily closed all Atlanta and Los Angeles servers.
  • Atlanta and Los Angeles will likely return in August/September.
21 June 2018
  • Improved client performance.
  • Fixed grenade jitter.
  • Added a notification when chat/usernames are hidden/shown.
23 May 2018
  • Added a three dot typing indicator.
  • The typing indicator appears when you've got your chatbox open.
  • Players can still be attacked while their chatbox is open.
20 May 2018
Server upgrades!
  • Implemented huge server stability and performance improvements.
  • Increased all servers' capacities from 64 to 81 players.
  • Added 17 new guest names, listed here.
  • Implemented client and server side changes to fix the sticky key bug.
  • Fixed the camera not tracking your character properly if the cursor isn't moved.
  • Improved login reliability when switching between servers.
  • Fixed the remember me login option.
18 May 2018
A new server???
  • Added a new experimental DOM server in Dallas.
  • Many under the hood performance changes have been made.
  • The server can now support a max of 81 players.
  • The experimental server will run for a couple of days for testing.
  • All the other servers will soon be upgraded to support 81 players as well.
10 May 2018
  • Fixed occasional minimap display bug when thermal is equipped.
1 May 2018
  • Fixed the landmine spawn bug.
  • Stopped counting frag damage as shots hit.
  • 10% nerf to shotgun range.
3 September 2017
Old team mode is back!
  • Re-released the old team mode as 'TDM (team deathmatch),' and renamed the newer team mode to 'Domination.'
  • Added a server selection window to the selection screen. You can access it by clicking the settings cog button above the Play button. Simply click the green 'connect,' button next to the server you want to connect to, then press 'Play,' as normal.
  • Implemented client performance improvements, crowded areas should be less laggy than they used to be.
  • Normal grenades now damage user spawned (green) crates.
  • Shrapnel from the fragmentation grenade no longer counts towards accuracy.
  • Invincible players can no longer gain score in the domination game mode, (previously called team mode).
  • The game now remembers your last selected game mode and will automatically select it when the page loads.
  • Your username is now displayed in the top left corner on the respawn screen.
30 August 2017
Team mode changes

Instead of having one score square for teams to fight over, there are now four. The score squares change to the color of the team that occupies them. Teams are automatically awarded three points per second for every square their team occupies. That means that if your team occupies all four squares, every single person on your team will be awarded 12 points per second. Squares will return to neutral if no team members are inside them. They'll also turn to netural if players from both teams are inside it.

Other changes
  • Removed point sharing from FFA score square, now only one player at a time can be awarded points from the FFA score square.
  • Fixed bug allowing the chat box to be used outside of the game arena.
  • Invincible players are no longer hurt by the fog.
  • Multiple "You Killed," notifications will no longer stack on top of one another.
27 August 2017 - Team Games

This is the first of a series of updates for the new team gametype. On the selection screen, above the Play button, there are two new buttons which allow you to choose a gametype, 'FFA' or 'Team.' When playing the new team game type, you'll be automatically assigned to a team, either red or blue depending on which has fewer players. You'll only be able to attack players on the opposite team. The leaderboard has been color-coded to show players' teams.

24 August 2017 - Chat System
  • Added an in-game chat mode. Press enter to bring up the chat window, press enter again to send.
  • Reduced number of frag grenade shrapnel pieces by 8%.
  • Decreased SMG bullet range by 7%.
  • Decreased SMG bullet speed by 8%.
  • Increased LMG bullet range by 7%.
  • Increased LMG bullet speed by 5%.
  • Fixed bug affecting the shotgun reload animation when the extended mags powerup was equipped.
  • Improved reloading mechanism to avoid players having to spam the R key during intense firefights.
  • Fixed bug allowing 'invincible' players to be damaged by gas.
  • Fixed bug allowing landmines to continue damaging players indefinitely after exploding.
22 August 2017
  • Fixed bug that allowed the reloading animation to be canceled.
  • Fixed user crate and medkit spawn bugs. The build and medkit perks should be more reliable now.
  • Made armor regeneration rate the same for all armor types. They all regenerate at the same speed now.
  • Made landmines despawn when owner is killed. They will still despawn when the owner disconnects, too.
  • Decreased shotgun bullet range by 8%.
  • Decreased machine gun bullet range by 12%.
  • Decreased machine gun bullet speed by 16%.
  • Increased pistol bullet damage by 20%.
  • Increased SMG bullet range by 16%.
19 August 2017
  • Added the top 5 user scores to the selection screen. These scores are reset daily (midnight every night UTC).
  • Improved the dash powerup, you'll now dash in the direction you're facing instead of the direction you're travelling in. This should make movement a bit smoother.
  • Slightly increased the amount of recoil from the LMG.
  • Completed some serious backend server upgrades which should improve stability. These upgrades will also allow us to eventually introduce new game modes as well as NPCs such as sentry turrets, zombies, bosses etc.
  • Added new Atlanta servers. We now have servers in Atlanta, Los Angeles and Frankfurt.
15 August 2017
  • Made some slight changes to the sniper bullet hit detection. Sniper bullets should now successfully collide with players at all angles.
  • Added a loading screen which will appear while the game files are downloading. This should reduce connection errors on slow internet connections.
  • Fixed bug where hit markers would constantly stay on the respawn screen HUD.
  • Removed the top ad from the respawn screen and reduced the sizes of the other ads, this should help players with smaller screens.
13 August 2017 - Name Change from to ...but why?

A lot of players have messaged us asking about the name change. There are a number of reasons.

1) is hard to pronounce, and upon hearing it people assume it’s spelled… this is a big problem. A large company has bought the domain and we are assuming they are developing their own game. There are also other iogames that have the term “battle” in their name. We want to distinguish ourselves from and other iogames that use the term battle.

2) Since launching the original beta version of the game it has changed immensely. A lot of people have said it feels like an entirely new game, and since the C++ build technically it is a completely new game. We think it deserves its own name.

3) There are a lot of google search problems with battlio, when searching for, 'battlio' you get a lot of results regarding army battalions etc, which from a technical perspective isn’t a great thing when you’re optimising yourself for search results.

4) We were never really happy with the name When thinking of a name we had a few things we wanted to achieve: a) 4 letters or less b) easy to spell c) hard to mispronounce d) when you google it it’s the top results. failed these criteria. That’s how we landed at (coupled with the fact that’s there’s not many 4 letter .io domains left available).

5) We want to carve out our own name. When people hear battl they think of a lot of things to do with the word battle: battles, battalions, historical battles etc. When people hear gats they’ll only think of our game.

6) At first, we had considered leaving unchanged, instead, focussing all further development on However, this would mean that players would miss out on all future content. We decided against this idea because we felt like we would be abandoning our loyal fans, so instead, we've decided to redirect all visits to

We've tried to make the transition as seamless as possible for our fans. Your login information can be used to log into, and all your game stats will be kept. Stats will continue to update as normal on, and they can be viewed at

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please post to the subreddit or email us.

Other changes
  • Replaced home page with a much more responsive design.
  • Added a dedicated link for the featured YouTuber.
  • Changed the in-game player colors to more neutral equivalents.
  • Reduced the chances of getting stuck on the edge of crates.
8 August 2017
  • Fixed the icon positioning on the minimap. The score square and fog areas are also shown.
  • Reduced the weight of the sniper class by 20%.
  • Increased the maximum random range of frag grenade shrapnel by 30%.
  • Fixed bug that allowed players to obtain points from self-inflicted grenade damage.
  • Adjusted layout of the respawn screen.
  • Added a 'confirm close' check if you try to close the browser window while logged in.
  • Improved the authentication handling to reduce the chances of getting the, "Your account is already logged in," error message.
5 August 2017 - New Powerups
  • Added new second-tier explosive powerups. You can now use Land Mines, Frag Grenades, and Gas Grenades.
  • Added a second-tier 'Dash' powerup that allows you to move very quickly for a short time.
  • Made the ghillie/camo powerup a second tier powerup.
  • Added a new first-tier powerup called 'Thermal.' When equipped, you can see the outline of silenced bullets, camouflaged players, and land mines.
  • Added the ability to select third-tier powerups. Third tier powerups are unlocked at 600 points, and allow you to select another powerup from the first-tier selection.
  • Selecting powerups is now a two-click process. You first have to click the new flashing upgrade icon on the hud to open up the powerup selection row. This will hopefully reduce accidental powerup selections.
  • Small balance improvements will be made over the next few days.
1 August 2017
  • Players can no longer receive points from the score square while invincible.
  • Increased the score required for the level 2 powerups from 250 to 300.
  • Increased the pistol magazine from 8 to 16 rounds.
  • Players' usernames are now displayed in game, making it much easier to recognise who is who.

We have some very exciting new powerups in the works, they should be out sometime this week.

30 July 2017
  • Added a temporary invincibility mode right after spawning. You'll remain invincible until you move or shoot.
  • Increased movement speed with light, medium and heavy armor types.
  • Increased the grenade's explosion delay slightly.
  • Increased the amount of points given by the score square. Multiple players can now be awarded points at the same time, however points will be shared between players.
25 July 2017
  • Replaced default, "Mystery Player" names with randomly assigned guest names. Your guest name is shown in the top left corner above the mini-map.
  • Fixed bug where user's camo sometimes wouldn't display correctly.
  • Fixed reload animation bugs.
  • Fixed the enter game button sometimes not working.
  • Added a second Frankfurt server.
  • Fixed the password reset form. Password reset emails are now dispatched correctly.
14 July 2017
  • The insta-death on spawn bug has been fixed.
  • The leaderboard now updates normally while at the respawn screen.
  • Newly loaded players are now drawn with their correct armor at the respawn screen.
  • Players' full radius is now drawn while they're using the camo perk.
  • Fixed bug that allowed players to shoot themselves.
  • Newly loaded user crates (green ones) are now shown with the correct shade of green for the amount of HP they have left.
13 July 2017
  • Improvements have been made to the spawn system.
  • Shooter's stats and loadout data is now displayed on the respawn screen in a special table.
  • Players' end of life stats have been placed inside a similar table at the top of the respawn screen.
  • Additional server speed and stability improvements have been made.

If the community likes the new stats tables on the respawn screen, we might also update the home/selection screen too. Behind the scenes, we've increased the amount of player stats that we're tracking. This will help us significantly with balancing the current and future weapons and powerups.

8 July 2017
  • The 'fast-player' bug has been fixed.
  • The HP of user-spawned crates has been increased from 500 to 1,000, this will be helpful for base building.
  • User-spawned crates now change colour based on how much HP they have left. The darkest colour represents the highest HP, the lightest colour represents the lowest HP.
  • The directional arrow keys can now be used to move.
  • You can no longer accidentally select a new player colour while in game.
  • The in-game damage and kill notifications are now automatically hidden when the respawn/spectator screen appears. This will make it much easier to view your final stats.

We're pretty thrilled with the performance of the game on the new C++ servers and we have a lot of new and exciting updates in the pipeline! Also we're in the process of updating Battlio's thumbnail that appears on iogames websites. We've put out an open request to the community on the subreddit. If you have any designs or ideas, feel free to submit them.

5 July 2017 - C++ Servers Released!
  • The servers have been completely recoded in C++. This has created much faster and smoother gameplay.
  • Game lobbies have been set to a maximum of 60 players per lobby (old limit was 12). This may be increased or decreased based on your feedback.
  • The map now expands/shrinks as number of players in the server increases/decreases (The more players in the server, the bigger the map).
  • The out-of-bounds areas of the map are covered with a poisonous fog which moves as the map resizes. Don't stay out there too long.
  • On death, you'll go into a spectator mode and you'll be presented with your statistics for that life. These statistics are still recorded on the Stats Page with old statistics. Click the respawn button to go back to the selection screen.

Other Changes:

  • Health now regenerates (slower than armor regeneration).
  • There are no more map-spawned medkits.
  • Powerup cool-down timer is now in sync.
  • Heavier types of armor no longer increase player size.
  • There is a two second cool-down on using the shield.
  • Some map objects have had their sizes changed.
  • The HUD flashes red when the player takes damage.
  • Build powerup crates have been made smaller, this is so you can use them as cover while firing over them.
  • A kill counter and simple gameplay instructions have been added to the HUD.
1 May 2017

Over the last couple of weeks, we've been implementing changes that should solve some of the "Enter Game" bugs, and other connection issues players have been facing. It's not perfect yet, we're still troubleshooting some issues specific to Internet Explorer.

We've been making terrific progress with the new C++ servers, it's coming together. Based on some recent load tests, it's looking like the new servers will be able to support up to 100 players at a time without slowing down. This will allow us to implement all kinds of exciting game modes.

To our loyal fans who keep checking the changelog every day, we just wanted to say thanks for sticking with us!

14 March 2017
  • Reduced player limit per server to 15.
  • Added a minimum of 1-hour play time before a player can appear on the Score/Minute high scores stats page.
  • Added a minimum of 100 kills before a player can appear on the Kill/Death high scores stats page.

Currently, the servers are written in Nodejs which performs okay with a small number of players, however, it slows down substantially as more players join. We're in the process of re-writing the entire server in C++. We're making solid progress, but it's taking some time. We apologise for the lack of game-updates. We expect that with C++ servers, we will be able to support more players with less computational slow down.

All player accounts and game stats will be preserved when the C++ servers are deployed.

1 March 2017
  • Added stats page for the longest killstreaks.
  • Added players' favorite loadouts to the player stats pages.
  • Started tracking the score per minute stat, you'll be able to see it on the stats website within a day or two.
  • Added a limit on how long player-spawned medkits appear on the ground.
  • We're also still working on some serious upgrades to the game's engine. In time, the servers will be able to support many more players without slowing down.

We're aware that a number of users are having connection issues where the 'Enter Game' button doesn't appear. If you're having this issue, please open the game in Google Chrome and send us a screenshot of the top error rows in your Chrome's console log. It can be accessed by pressing F12, then clicking on the 'console' tab and scrolling to the top of the console error log.

27 February 2017 - Moved to beta is now officially in beta! Over the last two weeks, players have played nearly 3000 hours, and helped us identify and fix many bugs. We appreciate all the help we've received! We still have a lot of work to do before a live production release, but here is what we've been working on over the last few days:

  • Improved server performance for smoother gameplay.
  • Increased speed of pistol bullets by 25%.
  • Began tracking players' longest killstreaks, they'll be posted on the stats website within a day or two.
  • Also started tracking players' favorite powerups, you'll be able to see those on the stats website within a day or two as well.
22 February 2017
  • Substantial improvements to server stability.
  • Fixed player order on the leaderboard.
  • Decreased player speed while holding shield.
  • Added a 1-second delay on grenade explosions.
  • Reduced engineer kit crate spawn cooldown timer by 33%.
  • Fixed bug where players would be automatically moving/shooting immediately after respawning.
  • Slightly increased diagonal movement speed.
20 February 2017
  • Added changelog.
  • Changed hosting providers, now using Vultr.
  • Removed Sydney server, Australian players are now routed to Los Angeles or Frankfurt.
  • Slight improvements to server stability, many more to come.
19 February 2017
  • Added Los Angeles and Chicago servers.
  • Allowed players with 0 score to appear on the leaderboard.
  • Added dynamic aiming system (you see a little further in the direction you're looking).